Complementary Therapies against Cancer

Han Dong Kyu

Han Dong Kyu



1936 Borns in South Korea
1954 Finishes his formation on Oriental Medicine
1976 Works as the personal doctor of the president of Panama, Mr. Lakas
1978 Works at the Cancer Institute of Asuncion, Paraguay.
1979 Works at the acupuncture institute of TCM in Madrid and sets up his own practice
1981 Publishes in Spain “Tratamiento de Acupuntura”
1982 Publishes in Spain “Tratamiento del cáncer con medicina natura”
1984 Tratamiento del cáncer con medicina natural is translated to spanish.
1989 Publishes in Korea “Letter to the president of North and South Korea”
1990 Publishes in Spain “Acupuntura del cuerpo, mano, oreja y 5 elementos”
1997 Publishes in Spain “Tratamiento revolucionario contra el cáncer con medicina natural”
1999 Publishes in Korea “Mister president! I’ve conquest cancer!”
2001 Publishes in Spain the first part of “Lives, teachings and excellent deeds of Buda and his apprentices”
2003 Publishes in Spain the second part of Lives, teachings and excellent deeds of Buda and his apprentices”

2017 Dies in Madrid.





Articles about cancer about Dr. Han Dong in the magazine Discovery Salud.

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discovery salud 74

discovery salud 75


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