Complementary Therapies against Cancer

Massage and Manual Theraphy

Following the same principle of acupuncture, where the body is covered by energy channels, similar to blood vessels or nerves, massage and other manual therapies may affect these channels too, since they can be affected not only by needles, but also by pressing with our fingers, hands or elbows. For this reason, manual therapies can be a perfect method of treatment, as its own or in combination with other techniques.

When it comes to osteomuscular problems, these methods take a major role in the treatment. Contractures, swelling, bruising, hernias, sprains or post-operative treatments are some common ailments treated. Manipulations of pressure, heat and vasodilation producing friction, stretches and other manipulations help to stimulate circulation and release stagnation, rectifying the position of structures. It may also include suction and electrical stimulation.

Massage can also be useful for people who do not suffer from any health problems. Some patients like having regular sessions of massage to release stress, loosen up the body after prolonged sitting positions or repetitive movements at work, as an accompaniment to sport or simply to relax. In any case, it is a good way to prevent many ailments.

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