Complementary Therapies against Cancer

Fitotherapy. Use of medicinal plants

Hundreds of plants empirically recognised by their different properties. Diuretics, mucolytics, cardiotonics, hepatic, antimicrobial, moisturizing, hypotensive, anti-anemic, vasodilator, etc..
More and morescientific studies keep uncovering the active ingredients of each plant, giving explanations to how they work.
The use of plants is often combined with acupuncture during a treatment in order to bring faster and better results. Sometimes these herbal remedies are used as a stand alone treatment too, though rarely consists on a single plant, being more usual a combination of many of them to create a formula.
There are formulas protected by patents that are internationally recognised, which are used in the same way, perhaps, that pharmaceutical pills are used in the west. Other formulas may be created by a doctor according to their own knowledge and experience for particular cases. In our case, we use our own formulas, which are the results of Dr. Han’s research and expertise.
The raw medicinal plants are processed for drying and grinding and then shaped into pills or filled into capsules.

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We are currently working on a project in Korea so we won´t be able to offer treatments at the moment. Should you wish to contact us, please write us an email.



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