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Acupuncture consists in the insertion of needles in the body in order to exert certain changes on the organism’s energetic balance.
Similarly to blood and nerves, our body is covered by energy channels. These are connected to our internal organs and have points where the energy concentrates. Therefore, needleling this points can influence the state of them and their functions.
There are different types of acupuncture that vary depending on the theory in which they are based, the different schools, the point selection, etc. Centro Nirvana uses mainly the chinese method, which is the most widely spread, and the korean, a very straighforward one.
Heart energy channel


Heart energy channel


Korean acupuncture

Through ancient times, China and Korea kept important relationships, not only political ones, but also in medicine.

Saam’s acupuncture is an ingenious and highly effective method created by the korean monk and doctor in traditional medicine Saam 4 centuries ago. It is based on the Yin Yang and 5 elements or movements, applied to the 5 transport points of each channel, so it is also known as 5 elements acupuncture

This system simplifies the use of acupuncture points, requiring a selection from only 60 points, in contrast to the over 360 points used in the main chinese version.

5 Elements or movements

5 Elements or movements

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