Complementary Therapies against Cancer


Therapies – Traditional Chinese Medicine and Korean

These medicines have great empirical tradition in Asia, but they are increasingly recognised in Western countries for their effectiveness. We use a combination of methods, such as acupuncture, moxibustion, fitotherapy, diet therapy, massage and exercise.




Acupuncture consists in the insertion of needles in the body in order to exert certain changes on the organism’s energetic balance.
Similarly to blood and nerves, our body is covered by energy channels. These are connected to our internal organs and have points where the energy concentrates. Therefore, needleling this points can influence the state of them and their functions. […]


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Korean Acupuncture

Through ancient times, China and Korea kept important relationships, not only political ones, but also in medicine.
Saam’s acupuncture is an ingenious and highly effective method created by the korean monk and doctor in traditional medicine Saam 4 centuries ago. It is based on the Yin Yang and 5 elements or movements, applied to the 5 transport points of each channel, so it is also known as 5 elements acupuncture […]


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Fitotherapy. Use of medicinal plants

Hundreds of plants empirically recognised by their different properties. Diuretics, mucolytics, cardiotonics, hepatic, antimicrobial, moisturizing, hypotensive, anti-anemic, vasodilator, etc..
More and morescientific studies keep uncovering the active ingredients of each plant, giving explanations to how they work. […]


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 Diet and nutrition

The bases of health
If the astragalus’ root, the chrysantemum’s flowers or the apricot seeds have therapeutic properties, why the artichokes, onions or rice should not have them too?
Equally to modern medicines and herbal remedies, food also have substances that can affect our organism and its functions. […]


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Massage and Manual Theraphy

Following the same principle of acupuncture, where the body is covered by energy channels, similar to blood vessels or nerves, massage and other manual therapies may affect these channels too, since they can be affected not only by needles, but also by pressing with our fingers, hands or elbows. For this reason, manual therapies can be a perfect method of treatment, as its own or in combination with other techniques. […]


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We are currently working on a project in Korea so we won´t be able to offer treatments at the moment. Should you wish to contact us, please write us an email.



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