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dr han dong kyu

“My name is Han Dong Kyu, a south Korean who has become a naturalised Spaniard, that practices as a naturist doctor in Spain. I have spent most of my life fighting this disease, that’s about 40 years, time in which I have suffered it myself 6 times. I had cancer in the neck, head, colon, estomach, large intestine and lung. This proved to be a good opportunity to trial different medicines on my own body, which contributed greatly to identify better medicines and a treatment method. A treatment that saved my life, my patients, and still helps many of those who reach us.

During the 90’s I had stomach cancer, large intestine and lung cancer. That nearly killed me. I treated myself with laetrile (vitamin b17 or amygdaline) and other substances, along with medicinal plants, B17-B18, and the cancer manifested in the surface of the body, above these organs. I lost 14kg during this fight. At the end, I only had the scars left and still alive and well. I believe that testing in humans is much more valuable than testing in animals. It is thanks to this that I could elaborate an alternative treatment for cancer without side effects.”


With these words, Dr. Han Dong Kyu heads the letters sent to the highest public authorities in cancer, to let them know about his knowledge and experience in the treatment of cancer, AIDS and drug dependence.

With the determination that characterises his oriental mentality, he took his illness as a challenge and an opportunity to find solutions for what we can consider one of the calamities of our civilisation: Cancer. This quest took him across many destinations, and slowly got to form a therapeutic repertoire, based on natural substances, that allowed him to be the first successful case of his own natural treatment for cancer. Later, many more cases would come, giving testimony of Dr. Han’s work.

Given all this, one could assume that the highest institutions would be more than happy to welcome any coolaboration with him and his medicine. Far from it, the truth proved otherwise, and all the efforts from Dr. Han and his patients were not given any attention, leaving them in the most profound ostracism.

As incredible as it may be, the doors to a national, or international, repercussion are closed. The reasons, perhaps, it is found in the economic interests from the lucrative patents hold by important corporations that so much influence our goverments. Or perhaps it is found on the ego of some scientists. Whatever the reason, one has to draw their own conclusions.

From the book ‘The new horsemen of the apocalypsis’ by Dr. Han Dong Kyu.

The new horsemen of the apocalypsis – Cancer, AIDS and drug dependence – are causing great suffer worldwide.

Scientists have found over 1000 cancer cells, and they will probably find more. Considering this, we could think that there are also over 1000 types of cancer, which may have different etiologies and caracteristics.

When treating cancer, one has to treat also the causes that produced it, its side effects and the side effects produced by current medicial procedures, such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy or surgery.

In an attemp to control these side effects, patients are given different a variety of drugs, which also create new side effects, and sometimes, new illness. That impedes the healing of the disease.

I’ve fought cancer all my life, suffering it myself several times, which gave me a better insight and understanding of cancer. This way I came to put together an alternative and natural treatment for cancer that saved my life.


Link to the publication about Dr. Han Dong Kyu in Discovery Salud.

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