Complementary Therapies against Cancer
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Centro Nirvana was stablished in 1979, in Madrid, by Dr. Han Dong Kyu, doctor in naturist medicine and expert in oriental medicine and Acupuncture.

After completing his formation in 1954, in South Korea, and drawn by the use of natural medicine against cancer, he started his own path researching across different parts of the world.

He investigated the properties of the medicinal plants traditionally used in China, Korea and Japan. After a while he’d go to South America, looking for new plants in the rich amazonian soils.

For the 2 following decades, during the 80’s and 90’s, Dr. Han’s work was focused in helping patients with cancer using medicinal plants and acupuncture.

The treatment proved to be effective in hundreds of patients, including Dr. Han himself, who suffered from different types of cancer.

Having these results, many patients proposed to the idea of diffusion, offering themselves as testimony. Therefore, letters with proposals would be sent to different public institutions, such as the health ministry or the prime minister.

Since 2008 Centro Nirvana is directed by Lidia Kong, who continues the work with cancer patients.

Apart from oncology cases, Centro Nirvana also offers help with other conditions using:


Phytotherapy/Medicinal plants

Dietotherapy and nutrition





Nirvana Center


Spain: Plaza Isabel II 28013


We are currently working on a project in Korea so we won´t be able to offer treatments at the moment. Should you wish to contact us, please write us an email.



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